DevOps is becoming more and more popular in the software industry to deliver quality software in less time. However, creating a DevOps pipeline is not easy. Many factors must be taken into account and many decisions must be made in the process. “Test Automation” has played a key role in different phases of the DevOps pipeline that made the DevOps lifecycle successful. Continuous testing can be performed with automated testing; this is a crucial driver to deliver high quality software quickly and is a vital factor in reducing risks, increasing productivity and reducing costs. Thanks to automated testing tools, the entire testing process can be automated.

A deep understanding of your current business processes is important. It contributes to an organization’s infrastructure and strategic planning. Successfully implementing DevOps requires reliable and automated CI/CD pipelines. Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery practices allow your DevOps teams to build a product in short, regular phases, allowing them to analyze and fix problems and then deploy those changes to production.