Antrek Labs is a technology consulting organization specializing in outsourced product engineering services. As a leader in the technology and product engineering space, Antrek Labs works with some of the world’s best Independent Software Vendors (ISVs). Our solutions are focused on modern technologies, and are enabled by a scientific, data-driven systems. This unique model de-risks our approach, provides better predictability, and ensures a better value per unit cost to our clients.

Simply, automation testing is deployed in DevOps tools to greatly reduce the percentage of human intervention. This phase involves verification of the overall functionality of the product. Functionality testing is performed with the use of automation frameworks along with DevOps testing tools. It is quite useful in verifying the overall application functionality. Automation testing is useful for detecting bugs, minimizing the overall human error percentage, executing test cases several times and most importantly increasing the overall reliability of the product automatically.

The concept of DevOps Test Tools/Culture and Test Automation go hand in hand. The introduction of DevOps test automation method into DevOps test tools/culture has changed the course drastically. More precisely, DevOps automation has drastically changed the role of the QA team.

Test automation is only one part of the DevOps lifecycle, but it is critical for fast and high-quality delivery. With automated testing, it is possible to achieve continuous testing, an essential part of delivering quality software at high speed and a key driver to increase productivity, reduce costs and mitigate risk.

Our company manages processes and develops solutions with professional teams on all these issues.